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Cairns Airport Parking

Cairns Airport Parking is located very close to the Airport which is not more than five minutes from the airport terminal. The parking attendants take your car to the park as soon as you get to the airport. You leave your keys with them to pick your Cairns parking ticket. After that you are rest assured that your car is safe till you return.

You must not that before you do this you must have booked for your space 24 hours before you leave for the airport. Cairns parking space has a well detailed customer attraction promotion services which include car wash and vacuum services. On special arrangement t they can offer mechanical repair to your car in case your car develops a mechanical fault while in their custody.

Cairns Airport Parking starts their day from 4am and closes by 9pm daily. They also provide free shuttle service to the airport. You don’t need to hang around the premises after parking your car waiting for a cab as their free shuttle bus takes you to your destination as soon as you hand them your keys be it to the railway or the city centre if you are returning to the airport, they issue you with a phone number that alerts their attendants that your flight is on the ground. With this alert they make your car ready and available for you as soon as you get to their office.

This saves you the stress of trying to locate your car and struggle to get it out of the parking lot if there are other cars parked behind your car. Once you get your keys off you drive out with no hitch. What are you waiting for Cairns Airport Parking is the most ideal to use while travelling with Cairns airlines to avoid regret.